• clivejuddtheatredirector

Hello, and thanks for visiting this site!

My name is Clive Judd and I am a London-based freelance theatre director originally from Worcester in the West Midlands.

I have been making theatre for over a decade having graduated from arguably one of the most vibrant generations to have emerged from the University of Manchester in recent times, and have collaborated with some of the most unique and celebrated theatre artists currently working in the UK and further afield.

I am particularly interested in creating unusual work, inspired by the lives of people living on the outskirts of society and in the small edgeland towns and cities of the UK. My recent projects have been heavily inspired by the writing and thinking of the late cultural theorist Mark Fisher, and I have a keen interest in uncovering untold stories that explore all aspects of working-class life and consciousness.

If you would like to find out more about my work to date please follow this link here, or feel free to drop me a line at