50th Year Anniversary Revival

Southwark Playhouse - June 2015



Jemima Robinson


Elanor Higgins


Giles Thomas

Composition & Sound Design

Stevie Raine


Catherine Pewsey

Company Stage Manager


Scott Arthur


Daniel Easton


Laurie Jamieson


Barney Mcelholm


Rochenda Sandall



'Clive Judd’s perfectly judged production captures a world in heightened microcosm...A great revival of a great work.'

—Time Out

'Clive Judd's frenetic direction perfectly captures the body and spirit of this often overlooked masterpiece of 1960s theatre...which still manages to shock after 50 years.'

—The Stage

'It's not an easy play to pull off, but Clive Judd's rat-a-tat production hits the right rhythm – clipped, quickfire and Northern – and manages the momentum of a runaway train.'


'Clive Judd’s direction dances that line between serious and playful...long, gleeful set pieces – acting out their plan to steal a painting from a gallery and to kidnap their headmaster – are full of physicality and humour, and all that imaginative creativity of children playing a game of make believe, complete with the quibbles about who gets to play what role, making up all the rules as they go along.'


'Director Clive Judd has not only done justice to Halliwell’s text. Judd has taken a brutally complex text and has worked hard to ensure that the spirit, passion, and wildly carefree abandon of Halliwell’s text is brought to life with assured ease...A revival that is one of the most salient pieces of theatre to come back to the London stage of the past few years.'

—The New Current

'Clive Judd’s fast-paced, high energy production makes the near three hours running time pass quickly. He choreographs ensemble scenes with precision and imagination, bringing out top class performances from the entire company.'

—The Public Reviews

'Clive Judd’s revival is as raucous and revolutionary as Halliwell’s text...Each gear of Judd’s direction is meticulous and potent, and really turns the epic tome that is the text into a pacey torrent of drama.'

—Grumpy Gay Critic